AbeBooks is an e-commerce global online marketplace with seven national domains that offers books, fine art, and collectibles from sellers in 50+ countries. (Wikipedia)

Listing exclusively on AbeBooks.com, The R.O.O.T.s Foundation, 501 (c) 3 Charity, (Restorative, Objectives, Obtainable, Together) has spread its wings and is driving our mission home with our online bookstore. 

From historical texts, 1st edition signed classics, and more modern literature works, R.O.O.T.s is creating brand recognition locally, nationally, and globally. 

           100% of book sales goes directly to The R.O.O.T.s Foundation. 

                                We Thank You in advance for your support!

Help further the mission and vision of The R.O.O.T.s Foundation, by visiting our online bookstore at ABEBooks.com and make your special purchase today. 


Type, The R.O.O.T.s Foundation in the search page on AbeBooks.com and you will be able to browse our online bookstore. 


Our online store is periodically updating, so keep checking back! 

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