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The R.O.O.T.s Foundation, (Restorative, Objectives, Obtained, Together), 501(c)3 Charity.  



The mission of this charity is to create more individual, resilient and sustainable communities at the local level. 

In the book, Coming HomeCommunity, Creativity, & Consciousness by Cheryl Charles & Bob Samples 

(Fawnskin, CA: Personhood Press, 2004)...


...7 Natural Guides are defined as Guiding Principles within the Field of Community-Building.*

The following natural guides are utilized as guiding principles and benchmarks as we fulfill our mission.

Seven Natural Guides to Community Building*

1. Diversity 

"Why would we stay locked in our belief that there is one right way to do something, or one correct interpretation to a situation, when the universe welcomes diversity and seems to thrive on a multiplicity of meanings?

-Margaret J. Wheatley, Leadership and the New Science


2. Change 

"America's fate and direction depend on citizen leaders in every nook and cranny of our great nation. Change will come, not from the top down but from the millions of people like you and me raising our voices from the bottom up." 

-Marion Wright Edelman, Founder, Children's Defense Fund


3. Niche

"You can do public work with people you don't like, you don't agree with, whom you wish you didn't see.  You recognize the need to do public work together.  In that process, you begin to create relationships and you certainly create a culture that is decent, a culture of respect."

-Harry Boyle, Center for Democracy and Citizenship

4. Competition and Cooperation

"We are essential cultural animals with the capacity to form many kinds of social structures, but a deep-seated urge towards cooperation, towards working as a group, provides a basic framework of these structures."

-Richard Leakey & Roger Lewin

5. Self-Regulation

"Nothing will maintain peace more effectively than the individual actions of many, combined into a

self-regulatory whole with a commitment to safety, health, and well-being."

-Coming Home, Cheryl Charles and Bob Samples

6. Optimization

"Great ideas come into the world as quietly as doves.  Perhaps then, if we we listen attentively, we shall hear the faint flutterings of wings, the gentle stirrings of life and hope, awakened, revived, nourished by millions of solitary individuals, whose deeds and works every day, negate frontiers of the crudest implications of history.

Each and every one of us builds for us all."

-Albert Camus 


7. Connectedness 

"If there is radiance in the soul, it will abound in the family. 

If there is radiance in the family, it will be abundant in the community.

If there is radiance in the community, it will grow in the nation; the universe will flourish."

-Lao Tzu


Stories, can be a means to discover something completely new about the world.  The value of stories, however, lies not just in their telling, but in their retelling. 

Stories are thus central to learning and education.   

Stories, moreover, convey not only specific information but also, 

general principles."

- John Seely Brown & Paul Duguid

*Excerpted with Permission

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With deep respect & in loving memory of Bob Samples...

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